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Creating Your BE-Print Maximize

Creating Your BE-Print

Authors Shelley Roy and Glenn Smith help individuals dig deep within to discover and align their beliefs, principles, and actions. This detailed agreement — The BE-Print — serves as a personal yardstick for self-evaluation in all of life’s situations.

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Creating Your BE-Print: A Personal Blueprint for Living

Each of you is a bundle of potentiality waiting to be ignited. The BE-Print™ is intended to help you discover the spark within that is uniquely you. Light it and let it burn in each and every moment of your life. Allow your brilliance to shine out to the world and provide light for others to see their way. The authors know from experience that people who develop and follow their BE-Print™ shine from within. You too can have a sense of dignity and calm that surrounds you even in the most difficult of moments.

Learn to look to yourself for happiness, for confirmation that you are on the right path, and know that you are OK alone but better with others. This book helps you take the time to explore and become the person you really want to be. Creating a BE-Print™ is not a magic bullet that will fix all problems; it is a guide to help you build the life you want and to face the challenges along the way. If you have already begun creating your life journey this book can be your coach along the way. If you are new to the waters of creating your life story this book can act as a life preserver if you really need help.

I created my first BE-Print while incarcerated.  It provided a framework for how I would spend my time in jail -- reading over 400 books and earning an associate’s degree and several professional certifications.  More importantly, my BE-Print laid the foundation for who I wanted to be once I got out, and reminds me every day of the person I want to be.  K.D. Hardy, Former inmate, Motivational speaker and Author, Birmingham, Alabama.

Glenn and Shelley did not provide rules to follow or strategies that apply in a limited number of situations to specific problems.  Instead, they helped me become the best me I can be in EVERY situation.  They helped me to dig deep inside myself to uncover and discover the salesperson, manager, partner, and friend I want to be.  Best of all, I am more grounded and experience much less stress in difficult situations.  Kim Berg, Sr. Executive Sales Walking Billboards, St. Cloud, Minnesota

I am so excited about this book.  Perceptual Control Theory encourages individuals to create a strong sense of self and articulate personal values that enable them to master how they perceive life.  The BE-Print is a wonderful way to capture the essence of who an individual is, as well as who they want to be.  Leah Berne, Jungian analyst, Feldenkrais and Trager practitioner, Norman, Oklahoma

Professional Development
The BE-Print system has been proven to be remarkably effective in making positive, successful changes in the way people live, work and interact. The BE-Print helps define the you - you have always wanted to be. Developing the pillars of self-discipline and self-evaluation serve to support the YOU under construction.

The BE-Print isn’t "one more thing" you have to do. Instead, it is designed to be integrated into the daily practices of the individual and/or the organization.  The life skills taught in the multi-day seminars support the agreements formed in the process of developing a BE-Print, thereby shaping the culture, gaining momentum and producing improved results year after year. Individuals and organization who have developed and are living their BE-Print have found they:

•    Develop skills and self-confidence to succeed as a leader in the 21st century.
•    Decrease stress
•    Improve productivity
•    Raise the levels of accountability and engagement of those around them

This session is best as a full day or multiple day session. The interactive nature of the session keeps individuals engaged. The continuous self-reflection and depth of content encourages  integration of key concepts. *A one-hour keynote is also available.

All sessions will be customized to your setting!
The following delivery options are usually available:

•    One-hour keynote intended to peak interest
•    1/2 Day session to explore the basic ideas
•    Full day to gain understanding of the concepts
•    Multi-Day to gain understanding and integrate concepts

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